Applying for an Original Birth Certificate

Original birth certificates in Texas are sealed after an adoption and remain unavailable except by court order. As of 2005, however, Texas adoptees who are at least 18 years of age and who also know the birthparent names listed on the OBC may obtain a non-certified copy of their OBC without a court order. All other requests require a court order.


The Central Adoption Registry

The Texas Vital Statistics Department also maintains a Voluntary Central Adoption Registry, commonly referred to as CAR. If a match occurs, identifying information may be released on three conditions:

  1. Written consent to allow disclosure of identifying information
  2. At least one hour of MANDATORY counseling
  3. Proof of completion of counseling, usually in the form of a certificate

Go to the link posted above for Texas OBC requests and search “Central Adoption Registry” for the registry application and a list of child placing agencies with registries not operated through the state. An original birth certificate is NOT released through use of the Central Adoption Registry.

Read the current Texas statute here