Some folks have been fighting for equality for ages and others have been after whatever works now, even if it harms adoptees. We believe adoptees deserve better. We are committed to advocating for clean legislation only. We stand with Bastard Nation and Adoptee Rights Law Center and all others who have committed to pursuing uncompromised legislation and equality for all adoptees.

“But where it counts—with legislators, with strategy, with political analysis, with positions, with the dogged and uncompromising pursuit of actual undiminished civil rights for all adoptees—Bastard Nation plays right. And playing right does not mean giving in and saying things that sound awesome but aren’t true. It means remaining dedicated and tough, calling to task advocates who mislead and obscure the truth or who sell out “adoptee rights” by marketing the language of those rights but delivering something far different. It means being involved in every debate, whether supportive or oppositional, and calling to task advocates who fuzz up the issues mushing medical history, search and reunion, and all the other extraneous and irrelevant factors into OBC access.”

-Gregory Luce , Adoptee Rights Law Center


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  1. Thanks for clarifying this lines in the sand again as everyone gets ready for another round of legislative activity in 2019. And, that was such a great post by Greg Luce. I remember remember it the night it was posted and the ensuing comments below the essay (equally good reading). Thanks for your work on behalf of all adoptees to achieve full equality by law.

    • Thanks Rudy. We thought it was an ideal time to post Gregory’s blog and heading into a new legislative session here in Texas, let folks know that we won’t advocate for anything other than uncompromised legislation/unrestricted OBC access. It makes sense to know who advocates for your rights, in every state as it affects us all. We should all be held accountable for how we educate legislators and not talk from both sides of our mouths when it comes to this issue. If you believe adoptees deserve equality, that should be your bottom line. Period. Thanks for all you do, Rudy!

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